Tuesday, March 22, 2011

54 Miler Around Bear Lake: Fail

This last week my husband and I decided to take a little vacation up to beautiful Bear Lake in Northern Utah.  We thought it would be a perfect time to pull out the road bikes and bike the 54 miles around Bear Lake.  We knew it'd be a little cold but both of us thought, "What the heck... we'll take jackets."  Little did we know that there would be snow completely lining the sides of the road and it would be 19 degrees.  Sadly, our ride didn't happen.

I was really disappointed by this.  I had looked forward to finally getting outside for so long.  My legs are feeling pretty weak so I thought this would be the perfect introductory ride into the season.  I tried to focus on the snow and the cold and how miserable I would have been out there so I wasn't as sad, but I must admit that I was still pretty bummed out.

I was so ready to ride last week that I'm even more stoked to go this week.  My husband and I have already planned a nice and challenging ride for this weekend.  Hopefully we hit around 30+ miles.  I need to get out and kill it on that bike because I'm hoping to ride with some friends at work in a few weeks.  They are planning a ride from Bluffdale to Ogden.  It's a fairly flat ride but it's about 65 miles.  After four months of not riding, I don't know if I'll be up for it.

On a completely unrelated note... I am a pretty faithful reader of Fat Cyclist.  Today, he had a live chat on his website with the guys of T6 (Twin Six).  I was excited because I got to participate!  I was pretty nervous to ask Fatty a question because I figured he'd get so many chats and ignore mine, but he responded to all my questions!  This isn't the half of it.  Tomorrow, the one and only, Johan Bruyneel will be chatting with Fatty and anyone that has a question for him right on Fatty's website!!  I am so excited.  I have been a huge fan of Johan's for years now and I can't wait for the opportunity to ask him some questions and see what he has to say... live!!  If any of you want to join, just go to Fat Cyclist's website at 5:30 PM (ET) / 2:30 PM (PT).


  1. Being in Austria i am unable to stay awake for the FUN you will enjoy with Johan & Fatty !

    Could you think of asking IF he is aware of what Lance is Proposing to announce on the 24th ?

    What his ambitions with Jon Vaughters will give to the Cycling Fans ?

    How he feels about the letter Mc Quaid issued last weekend ?

    No doubt you will be aware of the Cyclingnews Forum's comments about all these matters SO you may already have these and other questions in mind .

    Hope you are able to pose some questions during the event .

  2. Great post. I liked the personal touches you put in about your disappointment and your reservations about your upcoming ride. I hope you have fun chatting with the fat cyclist!

  3. Parrabuddy: First off, I am so sorry you weren't able to attend the chat with Johan & Fatty!

    Johan did talk quite a bit about the McQuaid/radio issue. You can read about his feelings pertaining to McQuaids letter at this link.

    He didn't talk hardly at all about Lance so I'm not sure if he knows anything about what Lance will be announcing.

    He didn't talk about Vaughters at all either. It'll definitely be interesting to see what this year of cycling brings. It's already off to a great start! Thanks for reading, I hope you come back often!

  4. Thanks for the assist ! Seems like from a read of Cyclingnews Forum where my tag is mentioned that you got a few questions asked certainlt there are answers.
    Perhaps you can add mine to your blog roll as there is a lot of meat somewhere through the past year .

  5. Link to an item i came across today :

  6. Parrabuddy - thanks so much for that link. I loved reading about that today! I can't believe that really happened to that guy. Too funny!

    I'll definitely keep looking into the issues you asked about in your previous comments. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold as the year progresses. Thanks again!!